Today I awoke to a rooster call. Normally I’m up very early but today we are actually on a homestead with real live chickens. This is a story of doors and windows.

Yesterday was a busy day… From Cranbrook to Wynndel, to catch up with Forrest and Rhys Demman. My son joined other homeschool kids outside and played while we talked politics on their podcast “God keep our Land”. It was my first podcast and so very enjoyable! Amazing way to get to the heart of issues – dynamic and free flowing conversation. I’ve only just started listening to podcasts with Joe Rogan this year and have so enjoyed it – radio of yore.

Then on to Creston for a speech at Grace Christian Fellowship, with Pastor David, parishioners and members of the public. I spoke briefly and then we fielded many questions – about trust in government, corruption, mandatory vaccinations, gun control. What needs to happen to turn our country around.

My answers were heavily informed by what I learned talking to people in Fernie and Cranbrook. Team Freedom (colloquial) in Fernie, held their first freedom rally ever on Monday – and it was packed. That people are concerned about exclusion and about mandatory vaccination. Let’s be honest – a vaccine passport makes vaccines mandatory — corporate employers are now insisting on it and parts of society are shut down without it.

Vaccine clinics in schools, with “mature consent” available to kids – makes children vulnerable – to a therapy that is neither proven, nor effective. Which is already linked to myocarditis. That has caused death in some teens. That may cause infertility. For any of the “vaccinate everybody” crowd, take an hour or three, download a search engine that is not Google, and do some real research beyond the bought-off media. You’ll find scholarship and major concern in regard to vaccine injury. If you’re decent at research, you’ll find the tie-in to “gain of function” research that points to some bio-weaponry, on both the COVID and the vaccine sides. But I digress.

What people wanted to know in Fernie and in Cranbrook was – what do we do? As much as I wish there were an easy solution, there is not. This is a full frontal attack on democracy and it requires a full on retaliation by the people. Change through democratic means is important governmentally. And it’s absolutely vital within the population. Every swath of society that is fighting for freedom needs to band together. This means:

Parents – Rise up and fight for your children. Your children are not at risk and your children are not disease vectors. Stop allowing systems to perpetuate this myth. Masks are so detrimental physically, emotionally, cognitively. Push back. There are parents associations all over the world coalescing and pushing back effectively. Vaccine clinics and coercion – this is morally wrong. Protect your children. Find like-minded parents, look at the models working for activism around the world and push back. These clinics should not be in our schools.

Nurses – Rise up and join your colleagues who are pushing back against the mandates, the unwarranted PPE, the fear-mongering. Come out and tell us what you know – that COVID itself is over and that there are vaccine injuries that are not being recorded as such – that the incidents of blood clots, stroke, bizarre undefinable conditions, neurological conditions – are on the rise. Tell people that you are under a gag order. Be strong for your peers and doctors who can’t. You are in a somewhat protected position at the moment, whether or not it seems so.

Professionals and trades of any kind – Stand up for your right not to be vaccinated. Publicize the coercion you are facing. File paperwork to reinforce culpability on the part of employers. Start thinking about how you could take your profession out of the system and into a new realm of autonomy, a parallel economy that supports like-minded people.

Is a job worth sacrificing your ethics, your values, your body sovereignty?

Back to doors and windows…

After the question and answer at Grace Christian Fellowship, I met so many good people – many spiritual people too – wishing me luck and light, and supporting me. It was a beautiful experience. Then on we went to a supporter’s house for a lovely visit and long talk about all we’d read and learned over the last eighteen months.

On to some downtime … to our hotel to check in. A small alcove, plexiglass. Barely a hello from the unmasked young man before a box of masks was presented. “I am exempt,” I said. “Show me your papers,” said he.

—You have no right to ask me that.
“Yes I do.”
—No you don’t.
“I’ll get my manager.”

Manager out with mask on, into the alcove to talk to me.

“How can I help you?”
—I’d like to check in
“We require a mask.”
—I have an exemption.
“It doesn’t matter.”
—So you’re discriminating against me.
“I know I hate them too – but we have to.”
—Why? No one is here to report you – the only one enforcing this is you.
“I have children to feed too. I need my job.”
—Well we’ll leave then. I’d like my money back.

So we left. I was upset. It’s the third tougher confrontation I faced – likely so few because for much of the last eighteen months, I’ve barely participated in society. The masking is a horrific visually to me – all I see is compliance and silence. It may be my artistic temperament – but the effect is strong on me. I refuse to partake. I know what little masks may accomplish (in a virus with a 99.95% survival rate), I am not willing to partake in the farce.

Next bit of freedom advice a la Chris Sky – do not comply. Do not enforce. There is no one standing over you – except you and the phantom of government control. This is a tactic of all tyrants, and clearly it’s very effective.

Aside – if you like wearing a mask, go for it – it’s your choice. Clearly that’s what PPC stands for.

So we were going to hightail back to the Prestige in Cranbrook – all staff there have been lovely and non-judgemental. Then I realized I had not accounted for the time change, and the Fernie all candidates was imminent. So I called a supporter and asked whether we could use her space while I zoomed, then we would figure out accommodation somewhere more tolerant.

I popped onto the call with 2 minutes to spare. Our thoughtful real-life host brought me elderberry and a latte. I could have wept. My window of time to prepare had completely disappeared, so I did what I could to represent PPC without letting the emotionalism of the shut out get to me.

After the call, we chatted and laughed and found many commonalities. Our children played together. We shared a meal. I exercised some rusty French of old. Then the offer to stay came. Exhausted and peaceful, we took the offer.

So here we are now, in the early morning, the rooster crows and I am thinking about doors and windows. COVID has shut down many friendships and some family ties. It has brought us so low – many to substance abuse and suicide. But it has also united us and helped us find each other. Those who believe in freedom and responsibility, those with similar values and outlooks, are banding together across our region, our province and our country. Instead of watching politics dejectedly and voting for or against the latest of the bland bandits, we are saying enough! It’s time to make things better. It’s time to get our houses in order. We can’t lose any more ground to tyranny.

We at #teamfreedom have a decent grasp on history. The swift decline in respect to our rights is clear: our democracy is broken. The system is broken. The people running the country are corrupt. They are selling us out to the highest bidder – and that global agent wants us all controlled. The vaccine passport is a communist tool for full control. In China when there is an “outbreak” – when there is fear – the pass is revoked until you’re tested. It’s a perpetual cycle of fear and domination.

In speaking, I have learned so much. Before Monday, I hadn’t spoken in front of a crowd in many years. Not ever really, in this capacity. I used a microphone for the first time in Fernie. When so much is at risk – when the lives of our children are at risk – our own petty fears melt away. This is the battle of our lives, whether you know it or not.

Please stand up and fight with us. Let’s get our country back.