How do we replace fear and anger with love and courage?

This is the dominant question in many people’s minds as we watch the world as we know it crumble. Witnessing the desecration of liberty in many countries, most notable to me at present — Australia, Israel, Ireland. Waiting for the shoe to drop here in Canada. And yesterday it did. Our government announced the intention to institute a vaccination passport for domestic flights and train travel.

A movement passport may seem innocuous to some, essential to others. To me and to many others who are carefully watching democracies around the world – this is a death knell to liberty. Whether intentional or not, having to prove a state of health is akin to having to prove innocence: both should be assumed unless otherwise determined.

A pervasive digital identification tied to the state of one’s body is the highest form of control. Having to show papers to access services or employment is a heavy form of coercion. This is ostensibly in response to a pathogen with an extremely high survival rate, with effective early treatment options available. Viruses mutate and have since the beginning of time. There is no containment possible and no drug possible to make human beings healthy all the time.

Our bodies are beautiful works of art – we have evolved over thousands of years and we are equipped to fight these battles. Even if one disagrees with this, the ability to make the ultimate choices about our own bodies has always rested in our own hands. The way things are progressing here in Canada, and in many parts of the world, such autonomy is looking to become a thing of the past. All those healthy food choices we make – buy organic, buy non-GMO, take health supplements, avoid antibiotics, filter our water and air, build clean – have diminishing returns when an unnatural injection is mandated every six months.

I am not okay with this. I am not okay with the push to 100% safety over liberty. This is not the kind of world I want for my children. I will stand up for freedom to the end of my days.

So back to the beginning of my thought train – how do we face the colossal threats to our lives – whether we believe them to be health-oriented or liberty-oriented – and retain civil discourse, unity and love?

This morning I listened to an apt interlude — “How to Manifest Love Amidst Chaos | Conscious Manifestation Q&A” with Eckhart Tolle. Tolle’s words gave me much comfort and direction; some of my favourite phrases are roughly quoted below. It’s worth a listen. Clearly we are facing a spiritual journey, steps toward greater consciousness, no matter how messy the road.

Love and light to you all! I may not stay in this virtual space much longer, but please know that it’s not personal and hopefully one day soon, we can find each other in real life.

Originally posted on Facebook – 14 August 2021
“Do you contribute to the awakening of humanity?”
“Every interaction with another human being is important.”
“We have entered a collective time period of disorder or disruption or chaos… The media actually is part of it. They amplify the chaos, unfortunately.”
“Be spiritually prepared so that you do not become part of the disorder that is happening… The world always moves between order and chaos… “
“Be prepared for increasing challenges in the collective. Do not be drawn into the reactivity and do not be hypnotized. Stay present… What you are watching is .. a regressive period before there is a further awakening of consciousness…”
“Go within and discover who or what you are beyond the person.”