Signs are important and we are doing our best to place signs strategically. We have the hurdles of cost, time to produce and distance. We would prefer to produce the signs locally and we are making this our primary choice of production.

Distance – many people have come forward to help relay the signs through the Kootenays. As a “young” team, we are evolving daily, doing our best to find a good rhythm during this brief election. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our best to reach all who have requested signs. If you are up for “relaying”, please let us know. Commuters from one town to another are powerful connectors for us.

Please email if you’d like to request a sign or would like to take on signage for a particular area.


Always welcome! Please contact campaign manager Don Buckner for details on direct deposit at your local bank. e-transfers are also accepted – please send to

With lockdowns, slow downs, job losses, vaccine coercion … we want to focus on people power over finances. The money will come from people who can, and it is much appreciated. Please don’t stress if this isn’t something you can do – one on one conversations, flyer distribution etc. are so powerful.

Let’s talk politics

Direct conversation has been severely hampered over the last 18 months – masks, social distancing, limits on gathering in our homes and in public. This limitation has literally muzzled many people. Conversation is the key to civil society – when we dissociate from friends, neighbours, family, community, we open ourselves up to judgement and division.

Forever in Canadian polite society, it’s been a tacit agreement to keep religion and politics off the table. Why? We should not be afraid of healthy debate. Without discourse, we become disconnected from the direction of the world around us. Change happens at every level, most importantly through our interpersonal connections.

Please talk to people about what is going on. Most especially, talk to people about the implications of vaccine passports. Many people continue believing that if we just do this one thing… we will go “back to normal”. Unfortunately – or fortunately – this will not happen. Our community, our country, our world – all is changing fundamentally. We have an obligation to be a positive part of this transformation. We cannot sit back and wait to be told what to do. We still have choice. Of all things, this is what the People’s Party stands for.

People’s Party of Canada Platforms

The PPC website has platforms succinctly laid out. These platforms are principled takes on the most urgent issues facing Canadians. Maxime Bernier is a leader who believes campaigns should be about values that govern policy. This way, the PPC platform can remain steady election after election. This way, elections aren’t driven by campaign promises. Clarity.